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How To Fix WSAPPX High CPU Usage Problem In Windows

What’s the WSAPPX process and why could it be utilizing a large amount of the processor source?

Maybe you have looked over the WSAPPX procedure in Task Manager? Occasionally, you could find it runs on the large amount of your processor resources. For users who have no idea the WSAPPX process belongs to the Windows Store, also called as WSService.
I experienced the large processor utilization problem that was WSAPPX on my Windows-10 PC.

After I recorded involved with it and kicked up, I observed the WSAPPX procedure used around 40% of my processor resource.
I extended the process and discovered you will find three Windows services that runs under it, including Windows Store Service (WSService), AppX Implementation Support (AppXSVC), and Customer Permit Support (ClipSVC).

Those providers supply its own applications, and structure assistance for that Windows Store Service. The Windows Store might not perform correctly should you attempt to eliminate some of these providers.

Just How To Repair WSAPPX Large CPU Utilization Issue In Windows

The WSAPPX process relates to the Windows Store. Nevertheless, should you discovered that it’s employing storage source or an excessive amount of processor of one’s PC, as well as the Windows Store does not operate, I’d suggest you quit from operating, like a solution Windows Store. There’s no lasting answer to resolve the large processor utilization issue that is WSAPPX .

In Windows 10, the Windows Store is a significant application. That’s why you can’t disable it from Windows Services, or Control Panel. The only option to turn it off is to use the Local Group Policy Editor.

To disable the Windows Store in Windows 10,

  1. Press Windows + R to open Run dialog box.
  2. Type: “gpedit.msc” without the quotes, and press Enter.
  3. In the Local Group Policy Editor window, go to Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Store.
  4. Find “Turn off the Store application” option, double-click on it and choose “Enabled”.
  5. Click on the “Apply” button and then “OK”.
  6. Restart your Windows PC.

WSAPPX process is still running in Task Manager while the Windows Store is turned off. Your CPU resource will not be compromised by this process anymore.

Is There any Other Method to Fix WSAPPX High Usage Issue?

After disabling the Windows Store, there are also a few other solutions you can try. According to the reports from users on the Microsoft forum, these solutions helped them to resolve the WSAPPX high resource usage problem.

So I added those solutions to this article as reference. They may, or may not work with you.

Disable Superfetch and Windows Search Services

According to some reports from users, disabling Superfetch and Windows Search services also helps to resolve the WSAPPX high CPU usage.

How To Fix DPC Watchdog Violation Error In Windows

What the DPC Watchdog Violation error is and the best way to fix this annoying problem?

A useful guide to fix DPC Watchdog Violation (error code:  DPC_Watchdog_Violation) error on your Windows desktop or laptop.

If you are using Windows computer, especially Windows 8 / 8.1 and Windows 10, DPC Watchdog Violation error as it has been becoming one of the most common errors in the Windows.

I’ve received many reports from users who faced this issue whether this error is occurring in your Windows computer. Today I will help to solve this problem Step by Step and hope you can remove this problem from your Windows desktop or Laptop.

What’s DPC Watchdog Violation Error?

DPC Watchdog Violation (error code: DPC_Watchdog_Violation) is a standard issue in the Windows operating system. It is occurred due like old SSD driver version unsupported SSD firmware, hardware incompatibility issues, or system files are corrupted.

To eliminate hardware issues that are incompatible, remove any hardware out of your computer which you think they’re the problems any new hardware which you have plugged in the computer, and this error appears.

The Best Way To Fix DPC Watchdog Violation Error?

I’ve received many reports from users who faced this issue, as I mentioned above. So, this list has been made by me for you personally to fix the DPC Watchdog Violation error in your Windows computer with useful methods which will work.

Remove All Connected External Devices

Before applying any other methods or going further, please disconnect or remove all external devices that plugging onto your Windows PC, except mouse and keyboard to see not or whether the issue persists.

The problem is gone, then one of the devices as well as once those devices removed cause the error. To determine which one caused the BSOD error, connect one device in a time.

Sometimes, your SSD can’t be handled by your Windows until the firmware is updated.

To find out the model number of your SSD

  • File Explorer to be launched by press Windows E
  • Look in the left sidebar, right-click on My Computer and choose Manage. It could have a different name, for example This PC, with regards to the version of Windows you happen to be using.
  • In the Computer Management window, look in the left sidebar and choose Device Manager.

In the list of Disk drives, it is possible to find out the type of SSD you’re using, as well as the model number.
Go to the website of manufacturer, if available, search for the new version of firmware, then download and update on your SSD after determining the model number of SSD.

System files that are corrupted are one of several reasons that lead for this Blue Screen error. So that you can fix the DPC_Watchdog_Violation error in your Windows computer, you check and verify Windows system files to create sure they’re not corrupted. If there were any problems with those files, they will be fixed by the process automatically.


and then press Enter.

Because the currently drive C: is using by Windows system, that is why the “Check Disk” process can not start. It’ll ask one to schedule the checking in the following time when your computer reboots. Type Y and press Enter, should you agree.

Following that, restart your computer.

Your Windows computer is going to be rebooted, and start to verify the system files. It may have a while. Please don’t turn off the computer while checking and verifying.

Scan And Fix System Files

Fix and so that you can scan system files, open the Command Prompt program as an administrator.

Please type the following command in Command Prompt:

SFC /scannow

Use BlueScreenView To Find The Cause Out

There was WindowsMinidump folder when the DPC Watchdog Violation occurs in your Windows PC. The information is available in the Event Viewer, including other parameters as well as the STOP code.

It is possible to download BlueScreenView from Nirsoft to load, view and diagnose what’s the cause that stands behind this BSOD error for reading this information easier.

Whatever you have to do is use and after that that download, install. It display the result for you and will automatically search for the minidump file. From that, it is more easy to locate a solution that is right .

Turn your computer and restore your computer back to the previous restore point. You might also repair your Windows computer using the bootable DVD/USB flash drive that contains Windows .ISO image file.

Unable To Boot Your PC Up When Getting DPC Watchdog Violation BSOD Error?

After getting this Blue Screen of Death error instead of accessing your Windows PC, your computer puts itself

Boot up -> Display BSOD error -> Restart -> Repeat

Therefore, in the event that you want to get cleared of the DPC Watchdog Violation error, you must do it.

So, if you want to get rid of the DPC Watchdog Violation error, you have to do it in Windows Safe Mode

Is It Necessary to Upgrade to Skype Premium?

Skype is an instant messaging application that can be used to exchange text messages with other people and conduct voice and video calls with them. It is now one of the most widely used messaging app in the world with millions of users. However, people not only use the app for personal purposes but for business purposes as well. This is the main reason why the Skype Premium has been developed so that businessmen who use the software, and some people too, can take advantage of the many features of the Premium app not available in the free version. However, is it really necessary for you to upgrade to the premium version of Skype? Find out by reading the article below.

Total Absence of Advertisements

Perhaps one of the best things about the Skype premium is that there are no more advertisements present unlike the Skype for free. With that, you can focus on using the app itself and there will be no more annoying things ads placed in different parts of the app.

Unlimited Calls to Landlines and Mobiles

Another good thing about the Skype Premium is the ability to make unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles. In the free version of Skype, you need to spend Skype credits to be able to make such calls. However, with the Skype premium, you no longer need to have some Skype credits since you will have unlimited calls to landlines and mobile phones.

A Helpful Support Chat

A helpful support chat is also available in the premium version of the Skype application. Whenever you need to inquire about something or if you need help about something in the app, you can easily consult with the live support chat to help you with your issue. For instance, if you are currently experiencing some problem with using Skype, then the support chat may help you with that.

The Bottom Line

With those features of the premium app being said, you can now evaluate whether or not you will upgrade to the premium version. The bottom line and the recommendation is to upgrade only if you need the features available in the premium version. However, it would not be bad as well if you have some money to spend with in order to upgrade your Skype experience.

In addition, just like in the free version of the Skype software, you may also use the Skype Resolver in the Premium version of Skype. With this tool, you can extract various contact details from your Skype contacts. For instance, using the Skype ID of an individual, you can obtain his or her email address and IP address with the Skype Resolver. This can be really beneficial especially if you need to keep in touch with people not only from Skype but through other means as well. Therefore, you can go beyond Skype to connect with your Skype contacts.